Collaborate with University of Montana Students & Faculty

Key Benefits

Customized Project Challenges

Top-Tier Recruitment Pipeline

Effective Talent Evaluation

Long-Term Partnerships

Looking to collaborate with our Students & Faculty?

Our experiential learning projects include:

Well Designed Project Scopes

Candidate Requirements

Timeline & Milestones

Diverse, Eager Student Teams

Project Management Support

Valuable Final Deliverables

Engagement Formats

Capstone Projects

Engage a team of up to six student in a remote experiential learning project that typically lasts 4 - 12 weeks long!

Capstone Project Visualization

Live Cases

Engage up to 200 students in a remote case study to solve your business challenges or explore creative inquiries. Involve multiple student groups or divide it into multiple projects!

Live Case Visualization

Explore Project Topics & Templates

Account Management

Corporate Social Responsibility

Growth Strategy

Legal, Regulatory, Compliance


Mergers & Acquisitions

Purchasing, Logistics, Supply Chain

Quality Control

Reporting, Financial Planning & Analysis

Software Design & Development

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